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How to Elevate Your Bathroom Without renovating

Throughout the years of renovating several bathrooms, I’ve noticed that I have a specific style, at least when it comes to the contents. Obviously there’s a sink and all that essential shit, but on top of that, I have a list of items that I NEED in each bathroom. They’re little details that turn a stanard bathroom into something more. Even if you have a small, dingy bathroom, these elements work to spruce the space up without knocking down walls or whatever. Best part? They’re A LOT cheaper.

+ Candles: I’m not talking about any candle, either. Bathrooms are where I put my boujiest ones, especially when we have guests over. I have a rule of limited scented candles in entertainment areas when we’re hosting because it interferes with the food I’ve slaved over LOL. Instead, I leave ones that smell like heaven in bathrooms. I always have a candle lit in all bathrooms when we’re hosting, and I burn one in my own bathroom most nights. Favorites include Diptyque’s Baies, Diptyque’s Roses, and Byredo’s Burning Rose and Bohemia. Don’t forget to light them correctly (instructions here).

+ Trash can: Obviously, but let me be clear: these need to be chic (like this). No thank you to the standard metal flip trashcans you see in a lot of bathrooms. Same thing for a lined metal basket or whatever. Not my style. Upgrading to an elevated trashcan might seem stupid, but it goes a long way in the overall aesthetic of the room.

+ Pretty storage: You will not find extra toilet paper in plain sight in my home. I opt for wicker baskets to hid bathroom necessities that aren’t great to look at. Shop my picks to the right.

+ High-quality soap and lotion: Having nice soap / lotion goes a long way. I’m not trying to wash my hands with some nasty green soap everything I go to the bathroom and I don’t want my guests to, either. I’m obsessed with Aesop. At the least, I suggest hiding other soaps in label-less dispensers like this or these affordable AF options.

+ Light fixture: We’ve done several bathroom renovations throughout the years and I’ve always opted to add light fixtures. Overhead lights can be bright and neon and weird and I’m not into it. I’ll usually opt for some sort of hanging pendant or scones to make the space feel special.

+ Extra towels: There’s nothing worse than showering to realize you have one measly towel to dry off with. I need two. I liked to store extras on a shelf or in a basket within reach of the shower. You probably know by now but I die for these bath sheets!

+ Trays: Paul would probably call me a tray hoarder at this point because I have them in every single room in our house. I’m addicted! Add one to your bathroom for things like handle lotion, matches, a candle, a hand towel, Q-tips, or whatever you reach for often. I’ll link to several faves in the widget to the right.

P.S. Here’s all of our bathroom renovations in our current home: powder room, Capri’s bath, master.

Are you obsessive about what lives in your bathroom, too?