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8 Pearl + Gold Earrings I’m Obsessed With

First came my obsession with pearl necklaces and layering the sh*t out of them, and now my addiction has turned to earrings. Specifically, pearl + gold earrings. I’m not what you’d consider a ‘pearl kinda girl’, but there’s something about them that I’m vibbing with. As long as they’re done in an elevated way and mixed with gold, I’m buying them. Hard pass on pearl studs or anything that feels too Grandma-ish, at least for me, but I find them to be an easy way to pretend to be classier than I actually am. LOL. To be clear, none of these are actual pearls (so they’re less expensive), but I wouldn’t be mad at the real thing (hint, hint, Paul).

Here are 8 that are on current rotation. You can shop all pairs + more to the right!

+ Lili Claspe Pearl Hoop: Lili is killing the pearl game in general, including this pair of hoops.

+ Shashi Vintage Earrings: I die for most of Shashi’s jewelry and these are no exception. Love the vintage vibe of the twisted gold design.

+ Lele Sadoughi Pearl Huggie Hoops: I’m OBSESSED with huggie hoops like this full pearl set. Probabbly the most classy on the list, in terms of hoops.

+ Luv Aj Pearl Positano Hoop: Lots of ’80s vibes happening with this thick cut and I’m not mad at it. Luv Aj is another brand I can never have enough of.

+ Madewell Delicate Pearl Drop Studs: If hoops aren’t your thing, this drop stud is simple. I love the flatness of the pearls, too.

+ Bonjour Pearl Hoops: Probably the largest hoop on my list, these are fun when you’re wanting to be extra or for date night.

+ Aqua Pearl Hoop Drop: These are gorgggg and I like the uniqueness of the pearl drop + hoop combo.

+ Brinker & Eliza Huggie Earrings: This pair has more drama when it comes to the size of the pearl which I think is cool. They look fab with your hair pulled back, too.

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