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The 5 Necklaces I Wear Weekly

I’ve shared the details of my bling on IG stories but realized I haven’t covered it much on the blog. Today I’ll start with the breakdown of necklaces I wear on repeat. Honestly, it’s VERY rare that I’m not wearing at least 2-3 necklaces at a time. I like to switch things up based on my mood or what I’m wearing, but for the most part, these 5 styles are non-stop.

+ Capri choker

Paul ordered the Capri choker when she was born and I wear it almost every day (unless I swap in this chain choker). I’m obsessed! Such a sweet gift idea, too – props to Richard.

+ Coin necklace

I have about 20 versions of this style. From this double coin OG that I still wear often, to this $40 version that’s equally as cute, and this one that always sells out, there are obviously a ton of these on the market. They’re a great layering piece or simple as a single piece.

+ Sentimental pieces

My Capri locket is unfortunately unlinkable because Paul got it in the Diamond District in DTLA but this is very similar. I also like this. I wear the locket and a piece from my grandpa on the same gold chain. For a similar look, you could mix a chic dog tag with a locket. Unique and meaningful!

+ Ball chain

Digging the simplicity of the ball chain (is that what they’re called? lol) mixed in with other more statement-y pieces. This basically adds to the layered look without being too extra. Here’s a cute cheaper version.

+ Thick flat chain

I’m obsessed with this style that I recently added to my neck! It feels very vintage yet sexy and I’m into it. You can get my version here (in gold or silver) and I also like this choker option for under $100.

Let me know if you’re into this and I can cover bracelets next. In the meantime, I’ve shared my favorite jewelry designers and also my guide to taking better care of your jewelry (including organization, etc.).