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Tips on Meshing Decor When Living with a guy

When Paul and I first moved in together, it was a bit of a hot mess. We were young, broke, and home decor wasn’t our main priority. Over the years, and especially once we bought our first house, I became more and more invested in what we brought home. I wanted our place to feel like both of us and comfortable, but I also wanted things to look cute AF, which is no different today. Whether you’re about to move in with a guy for the first time or need to get your husband on board with aesthetically-pleasing interiors, listen up!

+ Get visual

Guys likely won’t understand certain decor terms like ‘modern European kitchen’ or ‘textured textiles’ and you can’t blame them. Home decor is the equivalent to us knowing Star Wars characters or something. So show them! Paul is a very visual person so when I’m trying to bully him into an agreement on style, I create a Pinterest board. This way, he can see what I mean and we can go through my pins to see an option we both like. This should also save arguments for when your fuzzy upholstered chair arrives and he thought you were getting something completely different. He can’t be mad if he saw it with his own eyes!

+ Have non-negotiables

I got lucky with Paul in the fact that he generally has good taste. Let’s not talk about his questionable cowboy hat situation but when it comes to the house, I haven’t had to train him that much. That’s not to say he hasn’t wanted to debate decisions a million times but I do understand that this is home and money as well.

What I suggest when meshing styles is to have non-negotiables. Maybe his sports memorabilia is really important to him or his grandpa’s chair is something he’s not willing to part with. If so, hide that shit in a guest room or a man cave but let him have a say. Or ask him to consider reupholstering a sentimental piece with a more updated style. Same goes for you! If you’re dying over a feminine bathroom, consider that for a guest bath that you can escape to or choose elements that feel feminine but not over-the-top.

+ Check out other homes together

Paul and I both live for a good open house even if we’re not looking to buy. We both love seeing inside other homes – whether for the architecture, stalking value or style – and gathering inspiration. Physically walking through a home or even a showroom or store lets you chat about different elements, furniture, the flow of a home, etc. Talk about the pro’s and con’s of everything and see if you come up with any agreed-upon improvements for your own space.

+ Go neutral

It’s hard to go wrong with neutral – both for meshing guy/girl stuff and also the longevity of a style. If you can’t agree on a color, say you want pink and he wants blue, go with a gentle neutral like taupe, gray, or something sandy. Whether painting, a piece of furniture, or artwork, it’s usually a safe bet. Keep this in mind if he wants a piece of art that’s not your style (war or sports art comes to mind) since it can tone down the piece while still making him happy.

+ Give and take

I’ve had friends who split up their home like this: guys have the say on all appliances and electronics, and girls have the final say on home decor. Which I think is genius and it might work for you! He gets his big ass TV and you get those earth-toned cabinets. Done.

How do you mesh styles in your own life?

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