HOW TO HAVE More chill

I’ve always been a very chill person. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s not, but it’s always been the backbone of my personality. I literally cringe at situations where I see people ‘doing too much’ because it’s so far from who I am and how I handle things. Honestly, sometimes I wish I had less chill because I can almost detach myself from situations or people that I’m not into too easily and seem heartless. Though, for the most part, it’s usually my gut telling me to remove myself and it’s how I end up feeling more content with life. If you’re looking for more chill in your life, try these techniques.

+ Don’t rush to respond

I’m a horrible texter and part of it is because I’m rarely in a rush to respond. Especially if it’s a situation where I need to think about what I’m going to say or a decision needs to be made, I’m fine with giving myself time to reply. Of course, I know someone is waiting on me, I’ll be more cognizant of texts or getting back to someone, but in my everyday life, I wait to reply until I’m ready. I usually look at my texts / emails, etc. a few times a day and reply in batches instead of always responding in the moment – which also feels better to my brain since I believe in batch working.

+ Don’t respond

I’ve always liked the quote ‘no response is a response’ for situations when nothing needs to be said. I’ll get back to someone if need be but I’m not usually responding to something that doesn’t need to be closed or whatever. Less is more to me, even with replies. Plus, if you’re in a situation where there’s a lot of back and forth or it’s an awkward situation, usually letting it die out feels best.

+ Take breaks

Paul and I try to be conscious of the breaks we take, especially to show Capri the importance of rest. So much of our culture is go, go, go, and being ‘on’ 24/7 which I find to be unhealthy. That’s not to say I don’t hustle when needed but I’ll always be a proponent of breaks. It’s good for your sanity, stress levels, efficiency, etc. I try to log off from work for the weekends and to take breaks throughout the workday.


I’ve written about my IDGAF Attitude before and it’s a huge aspect of having more chill. Read it if you haven’t already.

+ Go with your gut

If you’re going with your gut, you’re going to feel better about decisions and be a more confident person in general. If you’re trying to be someone else or always please people, you’re likely not going with your gut and will end up with regret. Be true to yourself and your life will automatically have more chill because you’ll be more confident in your decisions.

+ Move on

One of the times I see being saying too much or doing too much is when they have anxiety over a situation. We all mess up and make mistakes, and when I do, I apologize (or say what needs to be said) and move the f*ck on. Writing a million text messages or over-explaining yourself will only make the situation worse…and then you’ll have anxiety about being a crazy person writing 1,000 messages, which is the opposite of feeling content.

+ Center yourself

This sounds woo-woo but it doesn’t have to be. What I mean is to find ways to take a beat and center yourself before starting your day or going into a certain situation. Maybe that’s being off your phone for the first hour of the day or getting in a workout before a big event. Whatever it is, find time to be alone in your thoughts, to take a few deep breaths, and to be present for a minute before jumping into your day. I’m don’t meditate but I assume the centering thing is a big part of its appeal.

+ Don’t play games

I’ve never one to play games. Whether with guys, with friendships, with family or whatever, I’m not into the drama of games. And the people that are are always the ones with no chill. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from that shit. Your life will be more chill instantly.

What are your thoughts?