Halloween 2020 Vibes - Sivan

Halloween 2020 Vibes

To say that I’m obsessed with Halloween would be a serious understatement. I’m always that b*tch forcing my friends to dress up and brainstorm costumes in July, or writing blog posts about the subject 7 weeks in advance LOL. I’m also known for throwing a killer Halloween party when the world isn’t dealing with a pandemic. And I LIVE FOR decorating (proof here)!!!

But…obviously having a toddler changes my usual decor vibe because I don’t want to completely terrify Capri. So this year, I won’t be bringing out all the really scary sh*t, but you better believe I’m training Capri to love Halloween as much as mommy. We’ll be doing some decorating together and I’m determined to make her obsessed with the holiday! Here’s what I’m going for this year…


I love a skeleton moment. They tend to be black and white (aka neutral) and are a fun mid-level scare.


Like everything in my life, aesthetics are important. Yes, even with my Halloween decor. I like to swap out my regular plates, cutlery, and general decor for moody moments (especially loving black branches this year). Chic not cheesy.


We’ll definitely be carving pumpkins and doing other cute family sh*t this season. I also want decor around the house that Capri likes! How cute are these aprons for October cooking?!


I may be a basic b*tch in many ways…but not when it comes to my doormats. If it’s going to have words, it needs to be clever. These are approved:

What vibe are you going for this year?