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How to Survive the Day When You're tired af

To say that my kids are going through sleep issues would be an understatement. Between lingering colds, Capri’s random outbursts (everything from yelling our names at the top of her lungs to singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at 3 a.m.), I’m dying over here. And if you know me, YOU KNOW I NEED MY SLEEP!!! Like, at least 8 hours, please.

Over the weekend, I think I got maybe 8 hours combined, but life still had to go on. Especially as parents, we all know that the kids don’t slow down just because you’re tired, and it’s pure torture.

Whether you’re in the newborn stage and struggling, don’t have kids but got a sh*tty night of sleep, or are dealing with random sleep issues, here’s my advice for surviving off little-to-no-sleep.

+ Drink as much water as possible. Water helps to get your metabolism going and energy levels up and if you’re hydrated, you’ll feel slightly better. Add lemon, cayenne or cucumber to spice things up and to get added benefits.

+ Try to squeeze in a cat nap. I know a 2-hour nap sounds better, but even something as 15-20 minutes can help. Kim K famously takes 5-10 minute naps during glam and she swears by them.

+ Eat healthy meals. Believe me, I know junk food sounds good when you’re tired and it’s usually the faster option, but it won’t do you any favors. Skip the sugar and go for a balanced meal – you’ll thank me later!

+ Get outdoors. Fresh air can act as a natural energy and mood boost.

+ Move. Again, the last thing you want to do when you’re tired AF but it helps!!! I don’t always have the energy for a full workout, so I’ll settle for a long walk or at the very least, stretches to get blood flowing. I always feel better after.

+ Drink caffeine but not too much. On days where I’m struggling, I’ll have an extra cup of coffee or make it a double. Anything more than that though and you’ll be left feeling jittery and anxious.

+ Give yourself a break. Tired days are not the days you’ll cross 100 things off your to-do list and that’s FINE.

+ Set yourself up for a better night’s sleep. If you have kids, this isn’t always up to you, but I still try and focus on a good nighttime routine if I’m dead. No TV or tech before bed, eat a few hours before bed, get in bed early and read, etc. I have a ton of good sleep tips here BTW.

What do you do to survive tired AF days?