15 THINGS TO DO AT night instead of watching TV

I love lists. I literally write one every single day for both work and life and I have a million notes of lists on my phone. Including storing random ideas like what to do when I’m bored or things to do at night instead of watching TV. I always like sharing these fun lists with you guys so hopefully you’re into this one, too.

Paul and I get into slumps where we end up falling into bed with the TV on night after night, and then falling asleep from there. And while there’s obviously nothing wrong with a TV night, especially if we’re tired AF, I start feeling blah if it becomes a nightly thing. So when I’m wanting to feel recharged and to prioritize self-care more, I try to switch it up with these ideas.

Things To Do At Night Instead of Watch TV

+ Take a bath with a glass of wine.

+ Vent to your husband or have a deep life talk once in a while. Paul and I like to talk about our 5- + 20-year plans. If you really want to get into it, smoke a joint first LOL.

+ Stretch and foam roll, or even do a little candlelit yoga.

+ Make something. It can be brownies or art (love this DIY piece my friend Kerry created).

+ Call a friend and catch up.

+ Read. I do this often on my Kindle before bed.

+ Make a mood board on Pinterest to find inspo or to get inspired. Just wear blue-light glasses so it doesn’t mess with your sleep.

+ Meditate. I don’t actually EVER do this but it sounds nice?

+ Go for a walk (only if it’s safe, obviously).

+ Give yourself an at-home facial. One of my faves! I like to dermaplane with this, steam, and then mask.

+ Clean something out. Just don’t start on the whole house; I’m talking a few bathroom drawers or something small enough that it feels relaxing, not overwhelming.

+ Give your partner a massage and vice versa.

+ Do part of your maintenance routine (here’s my full routine). I find that taking a shower, shaving, tanning, etc. can be super vibey at night.

+ Journal.

+ Have sex!

Any other ideas?