My Beauty Maintenance Schedule - Sivan

My Beauty maintenance schedule

I’ve always been someone who likes to feel and look maintained. When your nails are consistently manicured, your tan is on point, your legs are shaved, and your skincare is prioritized, you don’t need to spend as much time, money, or stress on hiding shit. Plus, I’ve learned that you can multi-task and get more done when you outsource certain beauty appointments (nails, blowouts, etc.). Obviously some of this has changed during the Covid-era but consider this my usual Beauty Maintenance Schedule. It sounds high-maintenance when I lay it all out but again, it ends up saving me time + energy. And I’m always ready for a last-minute pool situation.


+ Shave legs. Yes, I shave daily! As for the rest of my body, I lasered that shit and HIGHLY recommend it.

+ Lip mask. I put this on before bed and consider it a treatment since it’s lux AF.


+ Manicure. I love GlamSquad and usually have them come to my house 1x a week. It’s well worth the extra money IMO to not have to drive to the salon and sit wasting time somewhere random as you dry. As for my manicure requirements, see this post. In between manicures, I freshen things up with my own cuticle oil.

+ Blowout. I go to DryBar (here’s my order) and get emails done or respond to DMs to multitask. I can get a good blowout to last at least 4 days and then I wash my own hair and let it air dry 1x a week. For my full hair washing routine, click here.

+ Exfoliate. I use this on my body, this on my lips, and this on my scalp if it’s in need. For my face, I do dermaplaning which I cover below.

+ Fake tan. Using NÂș32, obviously. Sometimes I do it every few days if I’m pale AF but most of the time it’s weekly to maintain my color.

+ Whiten teeth. I’ve always used Crest Whitestrips and they do the trick. No expensive dentist trips needed.

+ Hair mask. I switch up my products depending on what people send me or what I’ve recently found. This is always a go-to.

+ Face mask. Again, I switch this up. This Firming Mask is always in rotation though.


+ Pedicure with GlamSquad.

+ Trim nose hair. No shame! This tool will change your life.


+ Brows. I see @lilymaldonadobrows who is THE BEST. We tweeze, trim + fill and go for a natural, feathery, “not perfect” look.

+ Facial. Honestly, I wish I went more often but this is a beauty procedure I tend to forget about. When I’m diligent though, it 100% shows in my skin.

+ Botox. Read all about what I do, how much I do, and my thoughts here.

+ Dermaplaning. This is a somewhat new treatment and I’m obsessed (I use the Dermaflash). It’s basically shaving your face and leaves it feeling like a baby. On top of the softness, your skincare soaks in deeper and your makeup goes on flawlessly. Highly recommend!

Does your routine look anything like mine?