1. Shaving my face

Yes, you read that right and no, it doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker or whatever. I’ve been dermaplaning my face for years now and it’s a game-changer. It exfoliates, gets rid of peach fuzz, lets your skincare sink in deeper, and most noticeably, my makeup goes on more smoothly. I use this tool 1x a month.

2. A (faux) face tan

Obviously, my entire sunless tanning situation is something I swear by but if I had to pick one thing, it’s the (faux) face tan for me. I’ve never f*cked with tanning my face because I know what it does for aging, so for decades I dealt with a tan body and pale face – not cute. This is also why I was SO picky about developing our N°12 Bronzing Face Drops—I had tried too many sh*tty face-tanning products.

N°12 is my #1 ride-or-die because it feels like multiple hacks in one. First of all,  the subtle glow + coverage has allowed me to stop wearing foundation or concealer 99% of the time. MAJOR. The hyaluronic acid is hydrating AF for your skin, so that’s also a perk. Lastly, I always felt like my natural hair washed me out with a pale face, but now that I have that problem solved, I’m happy with darker (more natural) hair and less upkeep. Told you it was a bunch of hacks in one.

3. Botox

I’ve gotten botox since I was 29. It clearly helps with fine lines, etc. but another perk is it always makes my brows look 10x better. Something about the subtle lift makes it easier to touch up my brows and go vs. having to spend so much time on them. P.S. All details of what I get and where I go are in this post.

4. Hair removal

I got laser hair removal before kids and it was AMAZING. 10/10. It ended up saving so much time shaving / waxing, not to mention it was just a confidence boost for me. Unfortunately, I need to go again since it can sort of un-do itself during pregnancy + hormones but it’s worth it. I’m waiting until I’m not in the sun as much to go through the process again. In the meantime, I shave my legs daily because being hairless = me feeling my best. Oh, and you better believe I get rid of my nose hair with this tool (thank me later!).

5. Multi-task in the shower

I like to think of the shower as part maintenance, part self-care. Maintenance-wise, I cleanse + hydrate with N°16 Shower Oil, exfoliate with N°28 if needed, shave, and do a hair mask 1x a week. I also use the shower as a reminder to do a face mask about 1x a week. I apply the mask a few minutes before getting in and then let the steam do its thing before washing it off. I don’t have a lot of extra time at the moment so I stack these habits. Smart right?

What other beauty talk do you want?