MY HEALTH Priorities

You guys seem to love when I share details on my healthy habits but honestly, nothing I do is groundbreaking. Overall, I keep all the non-healthy stuff in moderation and am consistent with the healthy shit, which you can read more about below.

+ Sleep: If it were up to me, I’d sleep 9-10 hours a night. Walker has been f*cking that up lately but I do prioritize sleep over events, date nights, etc, and get at least 8 hours most nights. I got the Oura ring last year which has been helping me to better understand my sleep and how my daily activities affect it. I definitely notice a difference in my sleep score when I’m following my health priorities & taking time to wind down without a screen. P.S. I wrote a full review of the Oura ring if you’re curious.

+ Movement: I go crazy if I don’t move, so it’s a non-negotiable. Right now, I’m doing a mix of weights with a personal trainer, Pilates, and sculpt / cardio classes. I don’t love how I look when I’m not weight lifting, so recently I’ve been focusing on building muscle back up, mainly in my booty. We also do walks and hikes with the kids on the weekends. I also like to keep my schedule pretty packed so I truly don’t sit around often, which helps in terms of movement / burning calories.

+ Hydration: If there’s one thing I’m consistent with, it’s hydration. I drink water non-stop, especially first thing in the morning. These tumblers are a game changer, TRUST ME.

+ Electrolytes: My trainer is a big fan of LMNT Electrolyte Packs so that’s what I’ve been drinking lately. It’s probably the best-tasting electrolyte mix I’ve tried. I drink one of these after a training session, if I’m drinking, or whenever I feel dehydrated. It does have salt in it, so I limit them to when my body actually needs it.

+ Limiting alcohol: Over the last year, I feel like my body has started rejecting alcohol more than ever. I cannot deal with the hangovers so I’ve cut back on drinking a lot. I try to save it for the weekends and stick to a few drinks. If I’m going out out, that’s when the tequila shots come out, but for the most part, I keep it pretty mellow.

+ Healthy diet: I keep a pretty balanced diet because I feel best when I do – plus, I don’t want to be making the kids crap most nights. I dont deprive myself of things I want, but I only consume junk in moderation. I try to cook 3-4 times per week, order 1-2x per week, and maybe go out for dinner once a week. Cooking at home makes me plan better, which usually results in healthier meals, but on busier weeks I order in a lot more. I have to have something sweet every night but again, I don’t go overboard. BTW, I have a ton of recipes on the site and in my reels.

+ Protein: My trainer had me up my amount of protein and it definitely keeps me feeling fuller longer. He has me aim for my body weight in protein which is where my cottage cheese & sausage obsession came from. It’s also helped me to build more muscle lately, so overall, I’m loving this tweak.

+ Matcha: I made the switch from coffee to matcha most days of the week even though I had to try 284432390 types before I found one I like (this brand). I’ve been dealing with bloating issues and one thing I noticed was that coffee was a culprit. As much as I live for an iced coffee, matcha has been helping. If you have any other bloat tips, send them my way because SOS!!!

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