WHY I FAILED MY Alcohol cleanse

Miraval Rose Review
So I’m like 6 months late on this post (literally), as it was in December that I declared I would be doing a 30-day alcohol cleanse, but better late than never? Here’s what happened: basically Paul & I over-indulged on spritzes in Fiji (naturally), and then we came home for 1 week and I packed up and headed to Cabo with Beach Riot. Of course I was going to be sipping chilled rosé by the bottle while suntanning cliff-side at the Cape Hotel. Wouldn’t you? THEN, it was my best friend’s birthday and she celebrated in Cabo so I hopped over from the Cape to Esperanza to drink some more with our crew. LOTS of drinking. Too much. Super unhealthy. And fattening.

Cue my so-called alcohol cleanse. I was literally FULL off of alcohol by the time I came home for good (mid-January). It was the new year and I was ready to take a break from happy hours, partying for no reason, and popping bottles of rosé like it was [summer] water (in winter).

The first few days felt great. The bloat in my stomach started going away and I was feeling “healthy.” Who knew that all it took was cutting alcohol to have a flat stomach so quick? I remember even having a moment when I thought I should stop drinking altogether to just be skinny forever. Ha! I was going strong for 5 solid days and then the weekend rolled around. Shit, it was Friday night and Paul & I were headed to sushi for our weekly date night. We always order 2 bottles of sake to complement our delicious meal but this time we were drinking water??? SNOOZE. Seriously, I was tired like half an hour into the meal.

The following week(s) I started cancelling dinners, avoiding events, and eventually just explaining to all my friends that I’m on an alcohol cleanse so let’s talk when I’m done because I seriously have zero self control if others are drinking in front of me. It was much easier to stay home than be in a social environment where I naturally enjoy a glass (or 2) of wine. Since I had plenty of sober time on my hands I started to really think about my lifestyle. Do I drink too much? Am I dependent on alcohol? 

I actually had someone comment on my photo in Mexico ‘I was reading an article the other day about how certain bloggers on Instagram are secretly battling alcoholism and wonder if any of their friends do anything when they post pictures. I wonder if this lady’s one of em.’ Whoa. It was offensive but I guess I could see her perspective–I post a lot of alcohol on my page. While I’m definitely NOT ordering it for the picture (aka I’m actually drinking it after I take the photo), it’s usually in small quantities. I don’t throw back a bottle each time I drink. 2 glasses is my happy, comfortable place. I hate being drunk, seriously. On the cusp of a buzz is the only place I like to be. Always.

SO, 19 days into the cleanse I caved and opened a crisp bottle of Miraval rosé (my favorite). My family was over, it was Friday night, and I had had enough of the deprivation. Clearly I’m not an alcoholic. It was a tough 19 days because I like to socially have a glass of wine to help me unwind, but in all honesty, if I truly needed to cut it out, I could. I’m all about moderation and balance, and most days I don’t drink, but if I’m out at an event, having a nice dinner, or have something to celebrate I don’t see anything wrong with a glass or 2 of whatever. I drink tons of water all day, I love my fresh green juice, and sometimes I like rosé. Big deal.

The one part of this that I do need to work on, is my ability to be in an environment when others are drinking without feeling like my world is going to end. I seriously want to snatch the wineglass out of people’s hands when I see them drinking on TV because it looks so damn refreshing. However, I am a very self-aware human and know my limits–I know when I need to take a break. As long as I’m keeping a healthy, hydrated balance, my rosé isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.