ROMA! I’ll be completely honest, by the time we got to Rome I was ready to go home. I even asked Paul if we should try to get on an earlier flight back because I was home sick, missing my dogs, and quite frankly over traveling. I knew Rome would be a lot of walking and essentially another big city, which I was kind of burned out on, so I wasn’t entirely thrilled for this part of the trip.

We got in by train from Salerno and walked the few blocks to our hotel. Since it was approaching nighttime I saw very little of the city during the 20-minute walk but it kind of reminded me of Soho in New York. The architecture and streets were pretty charming! Not what I was expecting at all.

The following day we got an early start since we had a long day of sight-seeing to cram into one full day. Leave it to Paul to show me all of Rome in 12 hours or less! The walking was killing me. More specifically, killing my damn feet! Mind you, I was wearing sneakers…so that should be an indicator to the amount of walking we actually did. Foot pain aside, I am SO happy we stayed in Rome for the day. It is such a beautiful city with so many historic landmarks to admire. As we all know I’m not the biggest history fan so I wasn’t very excited for the day’s agenda, but it turned out to be such a fun day exploring. I loved seeing all the places I’ve seen in movies my entire life and honestly the Colosseum and the Vatican were breathtaking.

All in all I’m very happy I saw Rome and hope to go back! I seriously thought it would be a city I would see once and be done, but it has quickly become one of my favorite Italian cities! Because I’ve been asked this about 300 times, here are my favorite cities, starting with my favorite: Capri, Positano, Lake Como, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples. Now that I’ve seen a good amount of Italy I feel content. I can confidently say it is my favorite country. For the longest time I really struggled deciding between Italy & Greece but I’ve come to the conclusion that Greece is for fun. The energy and natural beauty there is undeniable. However, Italy is for love and romance. The culture, food, architecture, and language just speak to me. I love Italy SO much.

Below are some tips for visiting Roma.




Hotel: Rome Life Hotel. A little boutique hotel that was pretty modern and updated. The staff were super nice and helpful.

-Travel: We came from Positano, so we took the train directly into Rome from Salerno. It took about 2.5 hours.

-Transportation: We mostly walked, but took a few cabs to the further areas of town.

-Food: Dar Sor Olimpio Al Drago was amazing! Ate here for dinner. The rest of the meals were either a chocolate croissant on the go or a spritz break along the way.

-Sights: Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, and Spanish Steps. There are definitely more, but that’s as far as my feet would allow.

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