How To Take Care of Yourself - Vitamins, Supplements, Water, & more

How To Take Care of yourself

It has come to my attention that taking care of your body is not something everyone values. This is probably super naive, but I’m truly surprised but how many people don’t make it a priority to take care of themselves. As ridiculous as it may sound, when I see a meme about something I’ve been thinking about then I know it’s a common issue / current event / feeling / etc.

I recently came across a meme that read:
Me: Why am I so tired and weak all the time?
Me: *eats nothing of nutritional value*
Me: *has crazy irregular sleep schedule*
Me: *never exercises ever”
Me: I just don’t get it

I sent it to Paul because that’s what I always do (LOL), but also because we are amazed by the amount of people who are sick around us ALL THE DAMN TIME! Obviously we get sick—it usually happens to us twice per year and it’s nasty, but we usually get whatever is going around and then it’s done. In between those rare sicknesses, we are actively and consciously taking care of our bodies. I’ve done posts about my vitamins, supplements, workouts, sleep routine, morning routine, etc. but I feel like I needed one good post about just plain old taking care of yourself 101.

My sister (Lital) is literally sick probably twice per month. She is a nanny and a student so she’s basically doomed. Always around [sick] people and getting whatever it is that’s going around or one of the snotty-nosed kids has. I’m so evil, BTW. But it’s true, she’s always sick! I’ve preached to her time and time again that she better work on her immune system if she plans on being a teacher because her life will be miserable if she’s constantly getting sick because of kids. My manager (don’t be mad at me, Kirsty!) is another one who gets sick WAY too often. The woman has to travel a ton for work so I’m convinced her sickness is purely from her body being thrown in so many different time zones and SHE NEVER STOPS. She does Barry’s Boot Camp almost everyday, she works like a mad woman (emailing at 3AM), constantly on the go, and then throw in the travel and yeah….you’re going to get sick. I need to lock those 2 up for a few months and teach them a thing or two lol…

Aside from getting the usual winter “flu” or whatever, I also find myself getting sick once during the summer after a big trip. My body’s circumvent rhythm is thrown out of whack from the time difference, my eating habits are off, I’m probably drinking too much, I’m sure as hell not working out, and then stick me on a plane crammed with 100’s of people and there you go….obviously a recipe for getting sick. I’m also very exhausted after travel so I tend to break down physically and mentally at the end of a trip.

This year (2018) Paul and I vowed to chill on the travel. Having been to most of our dream destinations, we felt it was time to enjoy Los Angeles, focus on our new house, have a baby, and you know, just take it easy. I honestly believe cutting out the hustle and bustle of the travel has contributed to our health tremendously this year. Being home (not literally / physically, but like not traveling) allows us to stick to our routine, eat well, stay active, sleep normal, and just overall take care of ourselves. Being pregnant has also really helped since I’m not traveling much, I’m taking more vitamins, and getting ample sleep. My priority is to treat my body the best I ever have and it feel fabulous.

Okay, so let me share some basic tips that help Paul & I stay healthy during everyday life.

–Eat nutritiously. A well balanced diet is SO important. Every meal should be providing you with some type of nutritional value. Empty food doesn’t count. To give you an example of a normal day’s meals:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, half an avocado, some fruit
Lunch: A salad with chicken
Dinner: Chicken, cous cous, green beans
Snacks: Fruit, yogurt, pita chips + hummus, nuts

What doesn’t count as real food: bagel with cream cheese, waffles / pancakes, pasta with cheese, potatoes, pizza, corn, chips, etc. Obviously there’s tons more but just giving basic examples since these are the common things I see people eating for meals.

-Get enough sleep. Sleep is so damn important to your health. Not only will your physical appearance benefit from it, you’ll feel more invigorated, energized, and your mind will work better. You cannot expect your brain and body to perform at optimal levels if you’re sleep deprived.

-Drink water. DUH. In the morning I crave my morning drink. It can be iced chai, a fresh juice, or a smoothie, but the rest of the day I’m chugging water like crazy. Your pee should be crystal clear (unless you’re taking vitamins, then it will prob be kinda funky florescent). I sometimes do sparkling water during the day to keep things interesting, and obviously when I’m not pregnant I drink wine / cocktails in the evening, but I keep it all balanced with by consuming enough water. Soda…’s no longer 1998, I think we can all move on from that now, right?

-Take vitamins. Before pregnancy I was taking my daily probiotic and collagen. Now I’m taking WAY more but in general I don’t like to overdo the vitamin / supplement thing. Stick to what your body needs. Things like immune support (lysine), healthy bacteria (probiotic), vitamin C, B12, etc. If you don’t eat veggies, take a green supplement.

-Exercise regularly. It used to be all about how I looked, but now it’s more about how I feel. My mental health depends on my weekly workouts to keep a clear mind and sharp and also the endorphins really do keep me a happier person. I have noticed a difference in my moods when I’m working out regularly versus not at all.

-Find balance. This one is vague but so necessary for your person / social life. If you love to party and drink that’s fine, but try to limit it to 2 days per week. And when you DO drink, don’t get blackout drunk. 2-3 drinks MAX. I know we all have different tolerances but I find that 2 is my sweet spot and 3 is when I’m Ubering home. Anything beyond that is excessive and unnecessary (for my health, hangover, and the people I’m with). Same goes for travel. Make sure to space out international travel and give yourself plenty of time to recover between trips. Your body will thank you. If you’re super social and like to go out for dinner more than eating in at home, space them out.

-Give yourself down time. Lastly, find time within the week (or every other week) to just do you. Rest, relax, watch TV, read a book, burn essential oils, lay out, hit the beach, go on a hike, whatever. Just makes sure you’re doing things that your body and mind will benefit from. It’s not all about swallowing vitamins and chugging water, it’s also about leading a positive life. Value your time and spend it how it makes YOU happy.

Am I an extremist? Do you guys agree with my advice? What do you do to take care of yourself on the daily?