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Everything You Need to Know About hosting

Thanksgiving is next week, which if you’re hosting, is probably scary as f*ck. But it doesn’t have to be.

Look, I’m not here to tell you it’s going to be 100% seamless and you’ll be Martha Stewart in the kitchen. Something always goes wrong, someone is always late, and something will stress you out – it’s life. But after years of hosting and actually learning to enjoy it, I have written a BUNCH of articles that I think can help. Since shit tends to get lost on blogs, and honestly, some of my best stuff was written when I was younger and was learning how the F to host, I wanted to re-share a few things.

Whether you’re hosting something for the holidays or a fun dinner party for friends soon, I hope this list is helpful! Don’t panic. You’ve got this!

+ EASY HOSTING TIPS: This post breaks down what to do the morning of the event, 30 minutes before, and once guests arrive, so if you need an actual layout, don’t miss it.

+ HOW TO DECORATE YOUR TABLE FOR ANY HOLIDAY PARTY: I just published this last week and sourced some favorite holiday-ish picks that aren’t cheesy and over-the-top. Don’t forget things like wine decanters, easy centerpiece items, etc.

+ TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR PARTY SPECIAL: People always tell me that my parties feel special. HUGE compliment because I love not being basic. This post is on the longer side which means I shared alllll my secrets.

+ FRIDGE ORGANIZATION: Pro tip – always organize your fridge the day before hosting a party, especially if you’re cooking (like Thanksgiving). You will not believe how much time you can save by cleaning things up and leaving space for bigger platters or items that need to be chilled. Obviously don’t forget to stash some vino or champagne the night before, too.

+ ETIQUETTE ON HOSTING GUESTS: In case you have any family coming to stay with you for the holidays, read this ASAP.

+ HOW TO PROPERLY BURN CANDLES: Two things I never forget to have going when hosting – music and candles. I like unscented candles to set the mood but not interfere with anything I’m cooking in common spaces, and then a good smelling one going in any bathrooms. This is my favorite luxe candle and I always have a stash of this scent.

Are you hosting this holiday season? Any other articles you want me to cover?