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The 10 Most Popular Articles on the Blog

I’m working on a few behind-the-scenes updates to the blog so naturally, I started going down the rabbit hole of old content. I know a lot of bloggers remove older content, but honestly, I think it’s cool to see how far I’m come (for example). This all got me thinking about the most popular posts of all time and what you guys have loved over the years. It’s no surprise that some of my favorite articles to create have also been the most popular to read. It’s also clear that you guys like to eat, drink and shop, which is why we’re friends. Enjoy the list!

10. Why You Should Never Settle: I’m happy to see this on the list because it’s a message I feel strongly about. If you’re settling, read this.

9. How to Properly Burn Candles: This was one of my first blog post to “go viral” and I was very excited about it! Love that it still gets views to this day.

8. How to Take a Good iPhone Picture: We’re clearly all invested in a good feed. I break down angels, lighting, and how to manipulate your phone (and husband) into producing flattering pictures.

7. Amazon Sh*t You Need in Your Life: Here’s where I curated some of the best finds on Amazon, including basic sh*t I use daily.

6. Baby Rich’s Nursery: Capri’s nursery has changed a lot and honestly this wallpaper now gives me anxiety but you guys loved it.

5. My Ride-or-Die Sephora Items: I break down my favorites when it comes to Skincare, Makeup and Hair / Body.

4. Balsamic Braised Chicken: Recipes are a trend on this list so consider it noted. This meal is beyond easy and is one of Paul’s favorites.

3. Grapefruit Spritzer [Mocktail]: Glad I’m not the only person who needed to feel like they were drinking their entire pregnancy. Add alcohol to make this boozy!

2. Baby Products Every Parent Need: I’m also surprised to see how well ‘mom content’ does on the site and it’s a good reminder to do more of it. These are the holy-grail products for new parents and their babies.

1. Salmon Rice Bowls: The bowls that went viral! I published this years ago and love that I still get tagged in stories where you guys are making it.

I’m not including the Lookbooks and Gift Guides which are actually at the very top since those aren’t technically articles. If you haven’t seen them though, definitely check out My Little Pink Book, the Summer 2020 Lookbook, and the Wedding Season Lookbook. I’m really proud of them!