Ideas for Self-Improvement Right Now - Sivan


Someone recently asked me what I had been doing during Quarantine to better myself and I didn’t have a good answer. At least not on the spot. Honestly, I haven’t changed my habits too much over the past 5 months when it comes to self-development. I’m obviously spending more time at home, getting in more quality time with my family and all of that, but I’ve also been binge-watching more TV, working just as much, and I haven’t been as consistent with my workouts (working on this!). And while I don’t think we need to pressure ourselves into endless self-development right now, I know it can only help our mental health during such a f*cked up year.

With that, I’m sharing ideas for self-improvement, some that I’m going to prioritize more, and some that I’m not, but thought you might be into them. Take what sounds good to you and ignore the rest, because at the end of the day self-development is going to look different for all of us.


+ Take one day a week off of social media and screens in general.
+ Enroll in a course and teach yourself a skill to further your career.
+ Learn a new language or at least a few words. Lingo from Love Island counts!
+ Do a crossword puzzle on Sundays.
+ Journal or start a gratitude list.
+ Quit your job if you hate it and find a new career.
+ Write a long ass to-do list with everything lingering in your mind and then knock one thing off a day.
+ Apologize or forgive someone.
+ Read before bed.
+ Find a no-BS morning routine that works for you.
+ Tell yourself something you love about your body every morning.
+ Clean out your closet or drawers.
+ Take the steps to build that dream business of yours.
+ Give yourself permission to rest.
+ Let go of mom guilt.


+ Throw in one new workout a week to switch things up. I like these personal training sessions, Pilates, Rachael Good Eats and Melissa Wood Health.
+ Start a smoothie-for-breakfast habit. Here’s what I drink.
+ Stretch! Need this personally.
+ Learn how to do a facial massage for increased circulation and less puffiness.
+ Ditch one bad habit and replace it with a healthy one. I’ve already shared tons of ideas.
+ Perfect a new hair or makeup look (it’s a skill!). Faux freckles, anyone?
+ Take a daily walk.
+ Make it a goal to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Read this is you’re struggling.
+ Find a friend to hold you accountable for workouts 3x a week and FaceTime during if you have to.
+ Limit sugar consumption to a couple of nights a week. Same for booze.
+ Develop a personal ‘chill the f*ck out’ situation. Here’s mine.

What’s on your list? Do you do any of the above regularly?