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7 Small Habits I Swear By For a Good Life

I’m not sure if it’s my following or just a hot topic, but I see a lot of interest surrounding habits. How to create habits, daily habits, how to break habits, etc. And TBH, I get it. I’m always interested in the random mundane stuff people share about their lives and what their days look like (and it’s also what you guys seem to like me to share). On top of my overarching IDGAF attitude on life, I wanted to share 7 small habits that I swear by for a good life. If this stuff is boring AF, let me know.

+ Drink tons of water

My initial answer to pretty much any ailment is to drink more water. If I’m tired, feeling rundown or a cold coming on, have a headache, am moody…I drink more water. At this point, I drink plenty a day but it’s something that’s taken me 30+ years to accomplish. I swear by being hydrated, from how I feel to how I look, and it’s one healthy habit I rarely f*ck up.

+ Further my career every week

You’ve heard me say this 10000x at this point but I’ll say it again because it’s one of the best pieces of business advice I can give. I make sure that every single workday, I’m doing at least one thing to further my career. Because if not, what’s the point? Staying stagnant? Um no thanks!

I cover how I do that in my guide to business/success and you can also read a lot more about this idea here.

+ Consistent workout schedule

I’m a better person when I’m consistently working out. Quarantine threw my workout schedule for a loop and it was one of the first times I wasn’t working out regularly in a decade, and I hated it. I know I’m a better mom, friend, wife, boss, etc. when I carve out the time to workout, mainly for what it does to me mentally. Even when it’s only 2-3 times a week, the point of regular movement is key. The ego boost physically doesn’t hurt either.

+ A morning routine that makes sense

I’ve already written about my thoughts on extensive morning routines and how I think most of them are unrealistic. For me, it’s been about creating a morning routine that makes sense for me and my family – not following some long-ass list of things to do before 7 a.m. For example, Paul is a morning person and I am NOT. He gets up with Capri (and Walker now that he’s on more of a routine) and I get 15 minutes or so to wake up slowly and play on my phone / do a basic skincare routine (which I need!!!). I take more responsibility in the evenings because Paul likes to get back to emails or whatever, and I’m tapped out of work for the day.

We’ve also found that family breakfasts, turning on music, and easing into the day are what make us feel good – so we’ve created our mornings around that.

+ Go-to recipes

As boring as it sounds, eating healthy, nourishing foods plays a big role in my life. I’ve definitely learned that as an adult and make it a priority to feed myself and my family home-cooked meals as much as possible. I also love to cook and find it therapeutic after a long day. Over the years, I’ve found about 5-10 go-to recipes that I make regularly which makes cooking, especially on weeknights, more doable. They’re meals that we usually have ingredients for already and they’re second nature at this point. You can find all my recipes here and most fall into the ‘decently healthy and easy’ category for weeknight meals.

+ Wash my makeup off before bed

Even after a bottle of rosé or one too many spicy margs, you better believe I wash my makeup off at night. I invest way too much $$$ and time on my skin to f*ck it up by being lazy. It’s a non-negotiable!

+ Saying ‘no’ and delegating

I grouped these two together because they accomplish the same thing: taking something off my plate. I have too much going on to be bogged down by sh*t I don’t want to do or don’t have to do, so I’m strict about saying ‘no’ and delegating. If an opportunity arises or a new responsibility is potentially added to my schedule, I ask myself whether this is important to me / will add value to my life. If the answer is no, I say ‘no’. Simple. If the answer is yes, I then see if it’s something that I need to do, or if it’s something I can delegate – so that it’s still getting done but maybe I don’t have to completely own it.

This obviously saves me time and it also means that my schedule is about 80% of things I actually want to be doing (obviously some sh*t in life you just have to do, which I’m at peace with).

What’s a small habit that you swear by for a good life?