In case you’ve missed my childcare saga on IG, we recently lost our nanny. Lital is here for the summer to help with the kids, and I’m also planning to be home more than usual to get in extra time with them. Our nanny was always great about having a lot of activities for the kids, so I’ve been saving a list of ideas. If you’re looking to keep your kids entertained over summer, you can thank me later.

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+ Collect rocks then paint them – we have this kit but you could obviously do it with any paint.

+ Go to a baseball game.

+ Have a dance & bubble party – this usually keeps my kids occupied for hours. We like this bubble dispenser.

+ Fly a kite.

+ Make at-home popsicles. I just ordered these dino molds which Walker will freak for.

+ Plant a garden – we’re planning on doing this soon!

+ Collect seashells at the beach. My GF brought these cute mesh bags to the beach last weekend and the kids had fun collecting shells. You could do this at a park or wherever, with leaves, rocks, etc.

+ Set up a movie night outside.

+ Volunteer or do a beach cleanup.

+ Create an art station. Capri loves art so I’ve invested in a whole setup, which always entertains her for a while. I will say Walker requires much more work / supervision, but I don’t mind. I’ve organized their art supplies into this rolling cart which makes things easier. Some of Capri’s favorites include this easlepainting mat.

+ Go on a boat.

+ Make smores or bake a berry cobbler.

+ Have a water balloon fight with neighbor kids. Honestly, I’m always turned off from water ballons because of the mess but I’ve seen these reusable water balloons all over IG so I just bought them.

+ Go on a bug hunt or scavenger hunt – this walkie-talkie situation is cute.

+ Explore a new neighborhood by bike.

+ Make friendship bracelets to share with friends. I got Capri this set which is good for younger kids.

+ Go to a splash pad or get one for the house. We have ‘water days’ often – filling up their splash pad or water table, or even giving them a bucket of water and a paintbrush to paint the cement. Easy!

+ Decorate a bird feeder and learn about birds in your yard. My kids love animals so I got this adorable bird feeder craft to try soon.

+ Camp in the yard or have a sleepover with friends. I’m not a tent girl but Paul might be down LOL.