How To Entertain Kids While Traveling - Sivan


You guys seem to love the kid entertainment blog posts, so I want to keep them coming. After some recent weekend trips with the kids and then our family trip to Kauai earlier this month, I feel like I’ve got travel tips down. It’s also majorly helpful that the kids are at the age where a screen will keep them occupied when all else fails. Below, you’ll find the things that have worked for me & the kids – hope it’s helpful!

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Luggage: One of the most underrated areas of travel success, IMO, at least when flying. My kids LOVE these roller suitcases, so I’ll never travel without them. I pack all the kids’ stuff in theirs, and then it’s their carry-on, plus they can ride them throughout the airport or whatever. I have a full review on this highlight if you want more info but 10/10 recommend.

Snacks & treats: When we’re traveling, I let all the rules go – it’s survival mode. I always bring a few treats that I know Walker will die for and pull them out when shit’s hitting the fan. I like bringing these snack packs with different options, and I’ve also seen people fill these containers with all different things. These motion-sickness lollipops are also genius.

New toys: Similar to snacks, I find it helpful to choose a few new toys for the kids whenever we travel. I usually let the kids scour Amazon and add a few things to cart (with a budget, obviously). I have most of their favorites on this list, alongside my personal travel essentials, BTW.

Some of Capri’s favorites:

+ Reusable paper doll sticker book

+ Mermaid sticker book

+ Writing / color tablet

+ Montessori activity book

+ Guess Who? card game

+ Reusable ‘Build Your Own Cupcake’ sticker book

Walker’s picks:

+ Car bingo for road trips

+ Reusable water art pages

+ Color-by-sticker astronaut book

+ Reusable space, dino, and vehicles sticker books

+ What’s Different? activity book

Screens: Honestly not sure how our parents entertained us before tablets! Both of my kids love their tablets, and we use headphones so they don’t drive everyone around us crazy. Before we travel, I have Paul download new games, shows, movies, whatever and always ask the kids to choose a few as well. You can also download books on these if your kids are younger and can’t interact yet. Don’t forget a charger in case the tablet dies because then you’re f*cked.

Travel tray: We’ve used this travel tray for road trips, which has been helpful. It seems like too much to pack for a plane, but if you’re driving, it’s nice for the kids to do art, eat, watch their show, or whatever.