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Recently my life has turned into a giant Q+A. I find myself spending a substantial amount of time replying to questions on social media so I decided to streamline them all into one post. Of course I’m well aware I’ll probably have to continue answering these questions regardless of this post, but I thought it might be fun to jot them down anyway.

Instagram Live has really given me a whole new perspective on the type of information my readers are interested in–my hair, skin, age, husband, sisters, home, donuts, dogs, blogging tips. And let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier about this. Basically it shows me that you guys are interested in all the things that I value most in life, which makes my job as a blogger a whole lot easier.

Being myself obviously comes naturally so thank you for accepting me the way I am…if I had to pretend to be someone else I’m sure my blogging days would be long behind me. To learn 20 things about me read on.

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About Sivan


1. I’m 29. Yep, approaching 30 (this year). My birthday is November 5, 1987. When I asked you guys to guess my age I got 18-26 so THANK YOU! Glad I fooled you for this long 🙂

2. My husband is an entertainment attorney. Specifically in music. He graduated from UCLA Law in 2014 and has been practicing in Los Angeles ever since.

3. I was born in California. In The Valley, my hometown. However, I grew up in Israel and Maui and moved back to California 18 years ago.

4. I have 2 sisters. One is 21, and one is turning 23 next month. My parents were clearly traumatized by me as a child and didn’t plan on having more children, which explain the massive age gap. Kidding. But maybe not?

5. Olive is a boy. Olive is a 6 year old Maltese BOY. Yes, the white one is male. I always wanted to name my dog Olive and when my sister surprised me with a puppy one year, she named him Olive since that’s the name I loved. I, of course, wanted a girl, but we rescued a boy instead so that’s why he is named Olive.

6. Lyla is girl. Lyla is a 5.5 year old Maltipoo GIRL. She is the most loving creature on Earth, and she’s also moody and clinically neurotic. It’s because we are so obsessed with each other that I’ve given her major separation anxiety. Oops.

7. My hair is real. It took me about 1 year to grow my hair out to it’s current length after chopping it. I accredit the extra fast hair growth to my favorite Cake serum.

8. I’m 5’3″. I know, I’ve fooled you there, too. It has taken me years to perfect my angles. I have always struggled with this and refused to wear flats anytime I was in a picture for fear of looking short. Like, who even cares though? I was so infatuated with looking tall that I have my poses down to a science.

9. My engagement ring details. Paul picked it out all on his own. In fact, I gave him the exact setting I wanted (emerald) and he did nothing of the sort. His ass is lucky I ended up LOVING what he picked. My engagement ring is a cushion cut with a halo on a very dainty diamond pave band.

10. I went to FIDM. That’s the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Associates in Visual Communications.

11. I started my blog in 2011. Clearly I’ve come a long way if you were following back then. It took me years to refine my brand, figure out what I’m good at, where I provide value, and figure out how to engage an audience. I’m very passionate about blogging, which is why I’ve been extremely patient about growing it as a business.

12. I have a thyroid condition. Which is why I’m naturally thin. My metabolism is very fast, always has been since I was a little kid. I’ve now learned how to cope with all the side effects after living with this condition pretty much my entire life.

13. I got married in Greece. June 19, 2015 in Naxos, Greece, Paul and I tied the knot on what is the most epic trip of our lives. You can see the mini movie here, or see all the recaps of Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, and my bridal shower here.

14. My name is Sivan. Like it sea! Get it: Sea-von. My middle name is Ayla. Aye-la. I know my name is unusual in the United States so many of you ask me to pronounce my name on IG Live.

15. My rosé donuts. I’m sorry to report that I do not publicize my signature recipe. My mom actually developed the recipe and in case we ever decide to start a business (you never know), I can’t give up my secrets! That’s Rule #1 in business: never teach someone everything you know, because then you become replaceable. Off topic, but it applies. However, I’ve tried endless recipes online if you just Good cake donut recipe…I promise you they are good.

16. I hate lizards. H-A-T-E. Living in Maui I used to have to deal with the damn lizards daily, which was traumatizing enough. Now they still haunt me in Los Angeles? And don’t even get me started on the lizard situation when I’m traveling somewhere tropical. I’m sure you’ve seen the Snaps of me standing on tables screaming in public places…

17. I love to read. If it wasn’t for Paul introducing me to all the garbage TV we watch I wouldn’t even own a TV. Growing up I never had TV so I read. Reading is still such a huge part of my life that recently I’ve started carving out 60 minutes everyday to read. It really helps me reset my mind and allows for some “me time” since Paul needs my constant attention when he’s home.

18. I have a crazy sense of smell. Paul calls me The Bloodhound because I can smell what he had for lunch the second he walks through the door. He can chew gum all day and I’ll still know he had chicken fried rice with ginger sauce from Benihana (bleh!). Having a heightened sense of smell has really become my most powerful took when cooking. I can easily identify when an ingredient is missing from a dish, and I know what smells pair well together. However, most of the time I smell something I don’t like and need to light candles in my home at all times.

19. My style icon is Jenna Lyons. I’ve had an obsession with her and her style for years. I find her to be so beautiful and effortless and aspire for my personal style to come off the same way.

20. I want to have a family. It’s a question I get a lot (perhaps because I’m kind of recently married). When? Not sure. I’m letting things just happen. How many? 2? 3? I come from 3 girls and I love our dynamic. 3 is probably the most I’d want but Paul wants 2. I’m sure you’ll get a post from me about these topics one day.