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Next month I will be heading back to Italy for my good friend Annie Lawless’ wedding in Positano. Excited is a major understatement! Having been a destination bride myself, I know how exciting the events leading up to the big day are & how much they get you in the mood to get married. Of course, I was an extremely hand-on bride and refused to let a single detail be planned without my approval. I was NOT a Bridezilla by any means, but I had to be involved. When Annie allowed us to throw her a Positano themed bridal shower (no questions asked) it was my dream scenario–an easy-going bride with a to-die for theme & an intimate guest list that gets it!

Sophie & I dreamed up the bridal shower in about 15 minutes, as we drove up to Santa Barbara together. It all just came together SO easily. It also helped that her & I had just been to the Amalfi Coast the previous summer so all the beautiful Italian details of the city were fresh in our minds. Literally the conversation went something like this, “OMG Positano theme!!” “Yessss” “Sprîtzs!” “Lemons on the table!” “All white with some simple, wild florals” “A couple games but nothing cheesy” “I’ll do the chair!” “I’ll handle the tablescape” “We’ll order yummy healthy food & desserts” “DONE!”

And just like that the shower was planned. I couldn’t let the bridal shower happen without some DIY, though. Taking cues from my own shower (which seems like 1 million years ago), I decked out a ghost chair with a bunch of faux florals that I picked up at Michaels & added a little doily “Wifey” sign for Annie to sit in. Sophie designed the cutest invitations with rose gold detailing & also handmade a trivia game, which is by far the most fun game I’ve ever played at a shower. Someone should go harass her & force her to do a blog post on it 😉 Love ya Soph!

Here are some more snaps from the beautiful Positano-themed day:



Summer Water



Positano Themed Bridal ShowerAnnie Lawless


Bridal Shower GamesSivan Ayla



Sophie Elkus

Kat Tanita
Here is a breakdown of all the details:

-The tablescape: Sophie somehow had the perfect plates with the floral detail (very Positano), as well as the linens. We made place-cards for everyone and added the invitation as decor on everyone’s plate. We kept it pretty simple & bright. I brought over my ghost chairs since they go perfectly with any table setting.

-The flowers: The Bouqs graciously created these beautiful arrangements for us, which were modeled after Annie’s wedding invitation. We also deconstructed some of the arrangements to create smaller ones since tall arrangements can sometimes block guests across the table. To elevate the table, we scattered fresh lemons all over the table to really tie in the theme.

-The food: Since most of us like to eat pretty clean, we stuck to a very simple menu of baked salmon, a yummy kale salad, angel hair pasta, roasted veggies, & fresh bread. We ordered from Coral Tree Cafe, which makes the yummiest food!

-The drinks: We decided a sprîtz bar was in order so we had all the fixings spread out on the table. We also wanted some crisp rosé, which Winc provided for us, in case someone wasn’t into a sprîtz.

-The dessert: Belen managed to find a gluten & dairy free bakery for the desserts, and let me tell you, it was incredible! I usually scoff at “fake” desserts but this was v impressive. All the desserts (unicorn donuts & pink lemonade cake) were from Karma Bakery.

-The invitation: Sophie designed the invitation on Paperless Post & then had them printed & mailed out. There is something really nice about a physical invitation.

-The games: As I mentioned above, Sophie created a trivia game that had fun categories like: Italy, Iconic Celebrity Relationships, Things about the Bride & Groom, & Weddings. Of course my embarrassing competitive side made an appearance and I was screaming the entire time. We also played a fun game as Annie unwrapped her gifts. We didn’t let her open cards & she had to guess whose gift belonged to whom based on the wrapping & gift.

-The details: I made some flower-infused ice for the rosé to chill in. The place-cards were all hand-written with a little flower glued to each one. The bridal chair was a major DIY undertaking but so cute in the end.

-The photos: All photography by the talented Felicia Lasala, whom we all use for our own blogs 🙂