Sunless Tanning Mousse by Bali Body - Sivan

Sunless Tanning Mousse by Bali Body

Did you hear the news?! Bali Body has finally released a self tanner! Over the years I’ve received SO many questions from you guys about their products and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who was after a product by Bali Body that didn’t wash off. If you’re not already familiar with their products, you can find posts and videos all about their oils, BB cream, & bronzing lotions on my blog and YouTube channel. I am a pretty die-hard fan!

Today I’m excited to share that they have created a beautiful sunless tanning mousse! The mousse is formulated with natural ingredients that hydrate the skin while also giving you that perfect “natural” looking tan. It’s a win win, really, especially in the winter time when my skin gets extra dry and pale. I know a lot of people are scared of self tanners but honestly this one is practically fool-proof. The streak-free formula combined with the luxe tan mitt ensures that your faux tan is easier than ever to apply. The result: a natural, even, streak-free looking tan all year long!

I filmed a video all about how I’m using this product in case you need a demonstration. Trust me, I’ve been there…if you’re new to self tanners I recommend trying out this mousse so you can really get a feel for how it works (& become addicted like me). The key is to exfoliate prior to applying, use long circular motions, and allow it to dry for a good 10 minutes before getting dressed. I typically leave the mousse on for 3 hours before showering to give myself a deeper color, but you can definitely leave it on longer if you want to go even darker.

Do you have any tips for me when it comes to self tanning? Would love to know in the comments below!