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2020 Resolutions

Every year I make new years resolutions. I feel it really works for me – it sets my intentions for the year, which are usually to better myself as an individual, partner, business owner, blogger, and now, mother. It’s easy to let resolutions become daunting and straight up unrealistic. I mean, I’m all about dreaming BIG but at the same time you have to be honest with yourself. I typically start making my list around November since my birthday is a time of reflection and then we go right into Thanksgiving, which is a time to reflect on what we are grateful for. Then the holidays come around and I’m just ready for a new year to arrive so I can officially begin working on myself, my business, and getting back into my routine.

Since we are entering a new decade I was curious to look back at my past resolutions to see if I’ve managed to achieve any of them. Funny enough I repeat certain ones, which either tells me I’m dependent on my resolutions to hold myself accountable OR I simply haven’t reached those goals yet. For example, in 2018 I said I wanted to become a morning person, but here I am in 2019 saying I want to wake up earlier. I can’t call it a failure, as I think setting the resolution in 2017 started me in the right direction and now I’m refining the resolution to something more specific that will help me reach that goal.

My point is, baby steps are okay and even if it takes setting that same resolution 2, 3, 4 times, that’s also okay. I truly hope to be a “morning person” in the near future so I can get that hour before Capri wakes up in the morning. I think once I get there I will feel very good about the start of my days because I won’t be rushing around the second my eyes open (like I do now). Anyway, let’s dive into my 2020 resolutions as well as a recap of my resolutions prior.

Previous Resolutions: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

+ Wake up earlier – I currently wake up between 7AM – 7:30AM and feel like I immediately have to get up and get going. I like to spend a good 15-20 minutes in bed scrolling the gram, checking emails, etc. before I have to be productive. Also, once I’m done with my morning routine (skincare, brushing teeth, changing cloths, making bed, etc.) Capri is already awake and then I’m on baby duty. SO, I feel like waking up at 6AM would allow me to do all of this without rushing, without a baby needing my attention, and then I could possibly enjoy that little peace and quiet that so many people rave about? Maybe just maybe…I’m already scared to set my alarm for 6AM but it’s happening. Whose with me?

+ Use less plastic – I mean, it’s about to be 2020 and I STILL forget to put my reusable bags in the trunk sometimes. BUT, in an effort to consume less plastic I would like to remember to keep my bags in the car AND remember to bring them into the store. I have already made the switch to mesh produce bags, glass Tupperware, and absolutely no plastic water bottles. I mean, we are all human and sometimes you don’t have an option (or you forget) but making the conscious effort in the right direction is all we can hope for.

+ Have more patience – I am notoriously impatient. Always have been. Having Capri has forced me to slow down and have more patience, and I truly believe when I’m taking care of her and focusing all my energy on her I do have extreme patience. It’s everything / everyone else, though, that I do not have patience for. I can get snappy or irritable when things take too long to happen, when someone takes 14 years to tell a story, or when people make poor decisions after me pleading with them not to. It’s not going to be easy, but I think it needs to happen.

+ Speak kinder – This sort of coincides with my resolution to be more patient. When I lose my patience I can be snappy and short. It’s an automatic reaction that will be hard to change but I want to change it so I think we have already achieved step one.

+ Find my workflow again – Since having Capri everything has felt upside down work-wise. I’m constantly rushing to get shit done because I want to spend time with her, but also because I’m really only productive when she’s napping and I have peace and quiet. Building our office outside is going to be a game-changer because it means I will have a proper workspace again, and I think that is crucial for the amount of things I have on my plate. Also having Paul now working with me full-time has been an adjustment and we are still trying to figure out our working rhythm. I feel good about all the changes we are making for 2020 and I’m definitely ready.

+ Do an activity with Capri regularly – Right now I take Capri to a class here and there when I’m free, but I would love to have something that we do together regularly. I’m so lucky that Capri has our whole family so involved in her life and actively doing things with her. She is exposed to so many different personalities and I love that. However, I do feel like I need to do more with her than just take care of her if that makes sense.

+ More date nights – I have made this resolution at least 3 times over the past decade. Until we had a baby every Friday night was date night. It was an easy automatic thing, but now we have to ask someone to watch Capri and that extra step often prevents us from scheduling a date. We either end up going to an early dinner WITH Capri or just staying home. Honestly, we have always loved date nights at home just as much but now with us working together I feel it is extra necessary to make it happen.

+ Self-care – I have been the queen of self-care since IG became a thing! But I’m not just talking about face masks and massages, I’m talking about mental health care. Letting myself have the time and space I need. I NEED my quiet alone time and I rarely (like pretty much never) get that anymore. It’s a serious struggle for me as someone who depends on solitude to recharge and be a decent human. Literally every last thing in my day includes other people – someone watching Capri at my house, Paul working from home, my workouts with others, dinners / events with others…I am never alone. I’m not used to that and I think it has seriously affected me. I am going to make a point of finding a way to get my necessary alone time every now and then. Maybe a hike? A massage? A beach day? Whatever it is…just needs to happen.

What are some of your resolutions this year?