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Recap of the Last decade

Okay so there is some controversy about when this new decade begins – is it December 31st, 2019, or January 1st, 2021? Either way we are damn close and honestly I’m ready for a fresh new start. For the sake of simplifying this conversation, I’ve decided I’m going with the version where the new decade starts next week. Anyway, this past decade has been very good to me – I’d say probably all my biggest life moments have happened in the past 10 years, and I’m not entirely sure how the coming years will ever compare. I don’t mean that in a sad way, either, I’m just fully ready to revel in everything I’ve worked hard to achieve (personal AND business) over the last 10 years.

Let’s do a little rewind to 2010. You’ll notice as each year passes the list grows longer and longer. As I get older, wiser, more experienced, and more decisive in what I want out of life I fill my time with experiences and activities that contribute to the life I want to live. I make it a point to do something every single day that will advance my career because as far as I’m concerned, we only have one life to live and I refuse to let mine be boring.

Here we go…


+ Paul & I started dated after a year of him chasing me. The story of how we met is in a video here if you are interested.

+ We moved into together, got broken into, and then moved out a year later to our first apartment.

+ We got Olive! The first puppy that was actually mine.

+ Went to Israel on Birthright with Paul. I might be the only person in American to say I did NOT enjoy that trip.


+ Started my blog! One of my first blog posts ever here. Cringe.

+ Paul started law school at UCLA. That was rough. I go into detail about our relationship while he was in law school and studying for the BAR here.

+ Traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, and Minnesota that year.

+ We adopted Lyla to keep Olive company.

+ My parents got divorced.


+ Was bouncing around in the wholesale industry at different showrooms. Wasn’t really happy with my career path but stuck it out to pay the bills.

+ Took my first trip to Paris and London during the winter. I was trying really hard to be a blogger on this trip but looking back my photos were very questionable lol.

It seems (according to my Facebook timeline) that nothing too major happened in 2012 for me. I was mostly working, blogging for fun, crafting a lot since I couldn’t afford home decor, and using Pinterest daily to get inspired for my dream life.


+ I was let go at my job and forced to make a decision about the path I wanted to take. I chose to freelance creative consult for brands who needed help with their branding. My friend Kelly and I started a little firm together called Consult Muse and we had so much fun being creative for a living.

+ I got engaged! I was completely shocked and not expecting it at all. It seems I don’t have a post on how Paul proposed so we will definitely be filming a video on this soon.

+ Decided to get married in Greece to keep things intimate, low key, naturally beautiful, inexpensive, and in a place that had been on both of our bucket lists. Family drama ensued lol…but all was well in the end.


+ Lots of wedding planning happened since I took my sweet time doing everything via email in a foreign country. I have lots of posts about our destination wedding here.

+ We started looking for a home to buy. I was completely oblivious to the process or the reality of owning a home but it was fun and I really had ZERO clue what I actually wanted.

+ Traveled to St. John to celebrate Paul graduating law school / finishing the BAR.

+ I was doing a lot of yoga, going out for cocktails with friends, and obsessed with The Bachelor.


+ Had my bridal shower and it poured rain (as to be expected with my luck with the weather).

+ Bought our first house! And we moved in the same day as my bridal shower, which was actually a lot of fun since I got to bring all my gifts to my new home.

+ Traveled to Greece to get married! We started in Mykonos for our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, then went to Naxos to get married. It was one of the best trips of my life – such a beautiful fun place to be with all of my favorite people. It’s honestly such a dream vacation and we are looking forward to doing it all over again one day.

+ Honeymooned in Milos and then Santorini. On our way home Paul surprised me with a stop in Lake Como, which was my first time to Italy. I was immediately obsessed.


+ Enjoyed married life, threw some fun parties in our new house, and spent all my money on home decor.

+ Hosted my first blogger event at Jonathan Adler and got a real taste of what it’s like to interact with complete strangers. It was great!

+ Started using Snapchat! This was pretty big for me since I was not doing any video content at all at the time.

+ Paul and I traveled to Capri and Positano for our 1-year wedding anniversary. This trip was a pivotal point in my blogging career. I had a spike in followers during this trip and my engagement was at an all-time high. I thought it was because people loved my travel content so I made a point to travel the rest of the summer. Turns out it wasn’t the travel, it was a combo of Italy, my content in Italy, and content of Paul and I together.

+ Got my first visible tattoo with my sisters.

+ Traveled to the Hamptons, NYC, Miami, and Maui that same summer.

+ Decided it was time to stop creative consulting in order to really focus on my blog. It was a scary transition but ultimately worth it.

+ Ended the year in Fiji with Paul.  Back when we used to travel to tropical destinations during the holidays.


+ Went to Cabo with Sophie to shoot some swimwear for Beach Riot and had the most relaxing trip to The Cape. I then stayed in Cabo to celebrate Lily turning 30 with our friends!

+ Threw Paul a surprise 30th birthday party.

+ Signed with my management.

+ Traveled to Bora Bora and stayed in the most insane over-the-water bungalows at the Four Seasons.

+ Went to Coachella as a blogger, which is a very different experience when you’re attending branded events and have obligations.

+ Hit 100K on Instagram.

+ Did my first “big” campaign with Too Faced for their Peaches & Cream collection, which is still one of my favorite collections to date.

+ Attended Miami Swim Week with Vitamin A and brought Lital. This pretty much sparked her interest in becoming a content creator.

+ Traveled back to Positano to watch Annie Lawless get married! I was a bridesmaid and we had the best time!

+ Shot a few big campaigns with Macys and The Ouai.

+ Released my first nail polish collab with NCLA.

+ Turned 30 and had a disco-themed roller skating party. I dressed up as Cher. Probably my favorite party to date.

+ Ended the year in Tahoe, where I got pregnant with Capri on Christmas.


+ Traveled to Cabo at the start of the year with Paul to hit the reset button for the year.

+ Found out I was pregnant!

+ Bought our second house (bought it before I knew I was pregnant for our future family). Such crazy timing on this one!

+ Did a ton of remodeling in our house – master bathroom, TV room, powder room, guest bathroom, backyard, & more (still working on it actually). Learned a lot of but so glad we got it out of the way before Capri arrived.

+ Started developing Nº32 but didn’t fully have an idea of what the brand would become or the direction we were going in.

+ Began designing my activewear collaboration with Strut This.

+ Went to Maui for our babymoon, which was very relaxing but also incredibly boring (without cocktails lol).

+ Went on QVC live and totally botched my lines!!

+ Designed my first collection for Tan + Lines swim.

+ The pink couch saga of 2018…anyone else remember the struggle of getting the damn couch into my office??

+ Had my first real meet-up in Orange County with Vanity Planet. Was blown away by the amount of sweet followers that came to say hi!

+ Traveled to NYC with my mom and Lital for a little spring break trip.

+ Went to Coachella pregnant lol. That was fun. Not!

+ Had a mini baby shower at the spa with my closest girlfriends to celebrate Baby Rich.

+ Traveled to London with Herbal Essences.

+ Had my baby shower, which was my dream aesthetic on the hottest day of the year (of course).

+ Filmed a prenatal workout video with Tone It Up and became friends with Katrina.

+ Went to the Farmer’s Market pretty much every weekend and made LOTS of homemade pasta.

+ Had Capri!!!

+ Got a new tattoo of Capri’s birthday


+ Took Capri to Palm Springs for our first family trip…and failed.

+ Released my activewear collab with Strut This and was blown away by the incredible response!

+ Threw an epic Game of Thrones party.

+ Chopped off my hair.

+ Traveled to Cabo with the fam and were much more prepared that time around.

+ Did another nail polish collab with NCLA called ‘Take Me To Capri.

+ Shot a campaign with Living Proof & Sephora with Lital.

+ Remember the egg chair saga?!

+ Did another meet-up at the Dermstore in Orange County.

+ Took a sister trip to Italy without the baby.

+ Released my first swim collection for Tan + Lines and sold out in 11 minutes!!!

+ Traveled to Mexico City with family and then back to Cabo again for a wedding, both of which Capri came with and was an angel.

+ Did campaigns with Starbucks, Summer Fridays, Mini, T3, Windsor, Olay, & many more.

+ Paul quit his day job as an attorney and became my full-time business partner.

+ Launched Nº32 on my 32nd birthday and had an epic month!

+ Opened a pop-up in the Valley Country Market so I could meet some of you guys and also sell Nº32 in person.

+ Ended the year at home – being low key, with family, not spending a lot of money on presents or going out, not wearing makeup, listening to music, wearing sweats, and just being grateful for this year / decade.

What has been a highlight of the past decade for y0u guys?