My Perfumes + application tips

I’m trying to do a better job at covering my complete collection of items, from my designer bag collection to candles to sneakers. It seems like you guys are into them and you know I’m always here for an honest opinion. Since I get questions on my favorite perfumes, I figured I’d cover that next. I definitely have a type: not too feminine, gorgeous bottle, and a bougie pricetag. But are you even surprised?


+ BYREDO // Gypsy Water (probably my favorite of all time), Mojave Ghost and Sundazed.

+ TOM FORD // Tubéreuse Nue Eau, Soleil Blanc and Black Orchird. I also live for his Shimmering Body Oil.

+ LE LABO // Santal 33

+ JO MALONE // Basil + Neroli Cologne

+ DIPTYQUE // L’Ombre Dans L’Eau de Parfum. This body and hair oil smells amazing, too.

+ CHLOÉ // Eau de Parfum

+ NARS // Audacious


+ If you ask nicely, most salespeople will give you a travel-size version of any scent so that you can bring it home and try. I also buy roller versions of my ride-or-die scents to carry with me in my purse and when traveling. You can also spritz your clothes before packing them if you’re out of options.

+ Apply to damp skin for the scent to last longer.

+ Spritz your hair before blow-drying.

+ Less is more. You can always add more!

What’s your ride-or-die scent?